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Gears Up!!

Visit To Broga Hill

Nowadays, Broga Hill becomes one of the popular recreational outdoor trails for the Klang Valley community. The hill was target for climbers from age 4 to 60 years old and there are about 100 climbers per day on every weekend. LMAG brought 18 energetic people to have an experience here on 27 June 2009.

A 2.3KM ascending route, starting from oil palm estate follow by tertiary forest and lastly grass route, ‘lalang’ area with a few boulders.

The best part here is when we trekked along hill range with lalang sitting side by side along the trail. There are 5 peaks within the hill with beautiful nature panoramas. When I was here, its remind me about my past month climb with my fellow friends to Mt. Sumbing at Central Java. The route scene between both places look mimic but with differences in distance, altitude and temperature only.

Although the trail was short but it got most of us sweating non-stop. One has to be here early to avoid the heat from the barren land. We started a bit late …