Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodwill Hike To Kledang Hills

A goodwill hiking trip will be organised by the Penang Adventure Club (PAC) guided by 'Menglembu Kledang Joggers - Springbok' on 17 August 2008 (Sunday). For those who is interested, please contact our shop and register yourself with payment soonest possible. Refer below for more info on the trip.

Lafuma 'Crazy 51' Merdeka Month Celebration

In conjunction with our country Merdeka Day (National Day) celebration, we at Lafuma will celebrate it our own ways. During the month of August, we will be having activities to remind people about our country 51st Merdeka Day and the peace and harmony that we enjoyed in this multi-racial country throughout the 51 years of our country independence.

Be the lucky number 51 customer that make a purchase in our Bangsar outlet during the month of August and we will reward you with a 51% discount on all your Lafuma brand of products purchase in that particular single receipt (not applicable to promotion items). So visit us frequently during this month to be the lucky 51st.

Our national flower, ‘bunga raya or hibiscus’ is fast faded in our memory as this flower can be hardly seen or spotted in the city. Think when is the last time you have seen this flower? I bet you will find hard to answer this question. We at Lafuma have brought in a limited unit of special printed hibiscus flower on the Lafuma sleeping bag for you. The model known as Canoe Print (LFC1379) comes in red and blue at retail price of RM229 for temperature between +14 to –2 degree Celsius. The best of all is that on the Merdeka eve (30th August 2008) any available stocks for this model will be going for 51% discount for LMAG members only! Be the first to collect this unique model.

Our usual fortnight hike will be different on the Merdeka eve, we wish to get registration for a total of 51 participants for the Bukit Apeh, Cheras hike on 30/08/08 (please refer our Aug 08 activities details) to fly our national flag there. Come and join us to celebrate our Merdeka hike together.

Lafuma August 2008 Promo

This August 2008 promo for all Lafuma (LMAG) members, we have 15% discounts specially for the items below

Iker Long Sleeve T-shirt - Normal price : RM229.00 Discounted price : RM194.65
LD Iker Long Sleeve T-shirt - Normal price : RM199.00 Discounted price : RM169.15
M Kenadsa OT Hiking Shoes - Normal price : RM729.00 Discounted price : RM619.65
LD Kenadsa GTX Hiking Shoes - Normal price : RM649.00 Discounted price : RM551.65
Hiko 28 Backpack - Normal price : RM289.00 Discounted price : RM245.65

Non-member can also enjoy the below listed items with a 10% discounts in August 2008.

Vika Sweater - Normal price : RM469.00 Discounted price : RM422.10
LD Yokine Sweater - Normal price : RM349.00 Discounted price : RM314.10
Naia 25 Backpack - Normal price : RM329.00 Discounted price : RM296.10

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tent @ Lafuma Bangsar

Tent collection at our

Active 2/1.5, Compact 2, Travel 2/3 and Cuzco 4

chek out the products spec at our Lafuma website

<-- Compact 2 suite for 2. waterproof retested -->

Colourful sleeping bag

Bangsar Lafuma boutique today become more colourful with variety of colourful sleeping bag. Nowadays we do offer outdoor performance sleeping bag comfort until -25 Celsius.

We continue to offer sleeping bag for local mountaineering purposes BUT with new colours and texture of fabrics. Come and you've more option here.

Enjoy your outdoor with more colours in your gear synonymous with Lafuma tagline ~listen to the world breath~

Friday, July 25, 2008

LMAG August Trips

Pine Tree Hill & Twin Peak (Gunung Pokok Rhu & Puncak Kembar)
Fraser Hill, Pahang

Date : 16th August 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 7.30 am - 8.30 pm
Meeting point : Lafuma Bangsar
Difficulty level : Medium
Fee : RM65.00 (for LMAG members)
RM75.00 (for non-LMAG members)
RM40.00 (for participants below 17 years old)
Fees includes transaportation, guide and insurance.
Transportation : By chartered van
Things to bring : Daypack, trekking attire, extra clothing, rain jacket, poncho, towel, trekking shoes, leech repellent/socks, water, snacks, own lunch, cutlery and toiletries.

Organiser : YellowStone Sdn Bhd (Lafuma Malaysia)

Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to or

*** Registration close on 8th August 2008.
* Note : Please bring along your LMAG membership card if you have one.

Agenda :
07:30 Meeting at Lafuma Bangsar
11:00 Expected to arrive at starting point for trekking
13:00 Summit of Pine Tree Hill, photography, lunch & etc.
13:30 Start trekking to Twin Peak
14:15 Expected to summit Twin Peak, photography and etc.
14:30 Descending to starting point
16:30 Arrive at car park and clean up
20:30 Expecetd to arrive at Lafuma Bangsar for dismiss

* Schedule can be change by organiser depending on current situation.

Apeh Hill Waterfall (Bukit Apeh)
Cheras, Selangor

Date : 30th August 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 7.30 am - 2.00 pm
Meeting point : Lafuma Bangsar
Difficulty level : Medium
Fee : RM FOC (for LMAG members)
RM5.00 (for non-LMAG members)
Transportation : By car-pooling
Things to bring : Daypack, trekking attire, extra clothing, rain jacket, poncho, towel, trekking shoes, water, snacks, own lunch, cutlery and toiletries.

Organiser : YellowStone Sdn Bhd (Lafuma Malaysia)

Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to or

*** Registration close on 27th August 2008.
* Note : Please bring along your LMAG membership card if you have one.

Agenda :
07:30 Meeting at Lafuma Bangsar for car-pooling.
08:00 Briefing and registration.
08:30 Start trekking.
10:30 Expected to arrive at Bukit Apeh waterfall. Rest & relax.
12:00 Decending to starting point.
14:00 Expected to reach car park and clean up before dismiss and back to Lafuma Bangsar.

* Schedule can be change by organiser depending on current situation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Historical Trail Adventure - Gunung G.A.P (12/07/08)

The troops of the trip, photo taken by Muzammil

As usual, the trip starts off at Lafuma boutique, Bangsar. While waiting for other team members to arrive, some of us took our breakfast at Mamak Restaurant nearby. The weather was perfect with clear blue sky. Most of us in a relax mood and seems to be not in a rush.

At about 8:00 am we left Bangsar and head down to Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB) by Pregio Van and Pajero. We set to meet at KKB town. KKB was a small and old town, the town without traffic light. We can easily bump to each other there without sweat.

It was 9 am when we arrive at KKB. We bought our pack lunch here and continued the journey toward Fraser Hill at about 9:30 am. We could see Sg. Selangor Dam at the roadside before we cross Sg. Chilling recreation park.

Upon arriving at GAP rest house area, we parked our Pregio and Pajero near the old 'Rumah Kedai'. The GAP rest house located just beside the junction to Fraser Hill and Raub. It is one of the British colonial house there. The house is closed for renovation when we arrived here.

We get ready with proper trekking attire and we started of with some stretching instructed by Apip. We continue with ice-breaking session to know each other and follow by a short safety briefing. All of us was in a mood to start the hike and Apip our guide's headed the trail while Muzammil follow behind as a last person in the line.

At the beginning, the trekking path was very challenging and slippery. We need to cross a placed full of bamboo with lot of it falling apart and create hindrance to our trekking path. When we past the bamboo area, the trail look better and more moderate. The weather is much better than our previous climbed to G. Datok. The air is cool just like a natural air-cond. I told the trail story as I read on the book 'The Jungle is Neutral' written by Spencer Chapman. Luckily Bro Oon and Bro Chan also read that book before. So we shared our opinion along the trail.

12:30 pm, we reaching the peak. Just one hour climb from the starting point. The peak use to be marked by a square stone and trigo station was missing totally. We only managed to find the 4 holes where the station pole was erected previously. Nevertheless, we knew this was the correct place and we are now up at the peak of Mt. Gap.

After taken our lunch and photo session we descended down toward the same route. On the way down, we control some of our pace and slow down a bit due to slippery track especially at the mid span of our trail journey. Lastly at 3:30 pm we reach the roadside where we start in the morning.

At about 5 meters away from our car park, we have a bath and clean up. Luckily, the weather was on our side throughout the journey. Looking back, I can't imagine what could have happen if it is raining and the trek will be a tough ones with most of us will slipping and wet all the way. At 3:30 pm we dismiss and back to our hometown.

For more photo by Muzammil here

-apip embi -

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proud with LMAG @ Mt Datok

On 28 June 2008 a group of 37 people from age 10 years old to 44 years old have successfully conquer Gunung Datok at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. The trip was organised by Lafuma Malaysia Adventure Group (LMAG) for its customers and friends. It all started at 7.30am at Lafuma Bangsar where the convoy of 10 cars leave the shop heading towards Rembau. This has been the biggest group ever since LMAG organised its fortnight trips locally.

The journey from KL to Rembau take us about 1 hour plus before we reached the destination. As usual we started the climb with some safety briefing and the guide and sweeper for the day is our Abang Apip and Abang Muzammil from Lafuma.

The terrain from the starting point is about 70 to 80 degree and lasted about 45 minutes before we comes to a much even terrain. Some of the beginner in the group already puffing for air during the hard steep hike. The group members took 5, waiting for each other while some energetic ones proceed till the top non-stop!

The hike to the peak took us about 2 hours in average. While waiting for all to arrive at the summit camp, we prepared and heat up our lunch for the day, pita served with vege and chicken mixed with mayo. Yummy, yummy plus a special concotion of tea and lychee drink. Thanks to our guide and friends who help out during the preparation.

After filled up our stomach, we adjourned to the summit with photo session and scenery viewing. Our experience guide introduced us to a foot print myth at the summit (which hidden somewhere in the corner!). It is belief that the foot print belong to our great hero, Hang Tuah during old days. We took turn taking photos at the summit with Lafuma flag waving proudly on our today feat.

We decend from the summit at about 2.30pm. Some who make it really down fast, decided to make a move earlier while some of us head towards the adjacent river for a clean up and cooling bath. We dismissed at about 4.30pm from the park and bring back the joyous and fond moment with us to the city, KL while leaving our footprint like our hero, Hang Tuah there. The journey will continue....

Friday, July 4, 2008

KILIMANJARO here we come for Fun & CHARITY

We have Steve and Emma, both Lafuma (LMAG) members set to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain with height of 5,985m in a couple of weeks (target date on 25 July 2008)for fun and most importantly for CHARITY as well. They hope to raise funds for UNICEF to help children in developing countries on their climb.

Some of you may have come across both of them in our past hiking activities to Gunung Hitam and Gunung Datok. They have been training hard for this tough climb. May we wish both of them good luck and bon voyage.

Visit their website at and share with your friends about it.

Wait no more and SPONSOR generously by supporting Steve and Emma on their website. It is a safe and secure website and note that the amount indicated is in £ (£1 = approx 6 RM).

They wishes many thanks in advance for any donations, it doesn't have to be a lot, just a few RM will help.

Remember to show your support to them!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Plan your year end retreat to Nepal

Have you plan for your year end trip? If no, you can try to utilize all your annual leaves for a trip to Nepal. A 15D 14N trip is schedule on 22/11/08 to 6/12/08. Visit Kathmandu, Syabru, Lantang, Kyanji, Chitwan National Park and Pokhara for a cost of about RM3,600 per pax inclusive of air fares! This trip is organized by our friends from North (PAC) and if you are interested, please check register yourself immediately as seat is limited.

Try out the World's highest via ferrata at our own backyard

Just at our own backyard, you can try out the World's highest via ferrata at Low's Peak, Mount Kinabalu. We have arranged with an operator to bring you a special package to experience the only Asia and world highest via ferrata until end of this year. For those who have yet to climb Mount Kinabalu, you can do it now together with this new activity. Those who have been there before, try it out again in a different manner by rappelling at the peak instead of the usual hike up to the peak. The basic package start at RM2,277 per pax for 4D3N (Low’s Peak Circuit) and the advance package at RM3,327 per pax for 6D5N. Witness yourselves the experience of via ferrata at Mountain Torq Below are the packages available and if you need further info, call us or email us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nature trips to Northern Thailand

Missed the Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle trip, no worries as the trip is still available until end of this year. This round we have another hiking trips and Karen tribes homestay arrangement at Chiang Mai. It is not only the usual hiking trips but you will also experience bamboo rafting and elephant ride! The package start at RM2,145 per pax for 5D4N and for 6D5N at 2,345 per pax. Check it out below and call us if you need more info.

What's up for Lafuma in July 2008


There was something for the Penangite and the northern state outdoor enthusiast to be happy about. We have brought Lafuma brand of products to the Pearl of Orient this July 2008. No need to travel far to get your outdoor gears anymore. Our appointed dealer, Travis Hegal Sdn Bhd located at No.114, Campbell Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang (Tel: 04-2626922) will assist you in all your outdoor gears need. Those in the northern states, visit them frequently as more and more stuff will be there from now onwards.


This July 2008 promo for all Lafuma (LMAG) members, we have 15% discounts specially for the items below:

Items/ Normal Price (RM)/Discounted Price(RM)
Windroc Full Zip Jacket (Gore-tex Windstopper)/ 999.00/ 849.15
LD Djebel Softshell Jacket (Gore-tex Windstopper) / 739.00/ 628.15
M Rando GTX hiking shoes/ 599.00/ 509.15
LD Rando 4 Act hiking shoes/ 599.00/ 509.15
Xeon23 backpack/ 249.00/ 211.65

Non-member can enjoy the below listed items with a 10% discount in July 2008:

Items/ Normal Price (RM)/ Discounted Price (RM)
Active pants (Men & Women)/ 369.00/ 313.65
Active Hood Jacket (Men & Women)/ 429.00/ 364.65
Pro Raid 20 backpack/ 329.00/ 279.65

A special discounts of 10% on any item above RM300 for all Lafuma brand of products will be given to any owner of SureFire torch this month. Just bring along your SureFire torch as proof of your ownership. For those who have yet to own one of the brightest, smaller and better torch, come to our shop to grab the SureFire torch and be a proud owner of this collectible item.
All the above discounts will end on 31 July 2008.