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Historical Trail Adventure - Gunung G.A.P (12/07/08)

The troops of the trip, photo taken by Muzammil

As usual, the trip starts off at Lafuma boutique, Bangsar. While waiting for other team members to arrive, some of us took our breakfast at Mamak Restaurant nearby. The weather was perfect with clear blue sky. Most of us in a relax mood and seems to be not in a rush.

At about 8:00 am we left Bangsar and head down to Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB) by Pregio Van and Pajero. We set to meet at KKB town. KKB was a small and old town, the town without traffic light. We can easily bump to each other there without sweat.

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It was 9 am when we arrive at KKB. We bought our pack lunch here and continued the journey toward Fraser Hill at about 9:30 am. We could see Sg. Selangor Dam at the roadside before we cross Sg. Chilling recreation park.

Upon arriving at GAP rest house area, we parked our Pregio and Pajero near the old 'Rumah Kedai'. The GAP rest house located just beside the junction to Fraser Hill and Raub. It is one of the British colonial house there. The house is closed for renovation when we arrived here.

We get ready with proper trekking attire and we started of with some stretching instructed by Apip. We continue with ice-breaking session to know each other and follow by a short safety briefing. All of us was in a mood to start the hike and Apip our guide's headed the trail while Muzammil follow behind as a last person in the line.

At the beginning, the trekking path was very challenging and slippery. We need to cross a placed full of bamboo with lot of it falling apart and create hindrance to our trekking path. When we past the bamboo area, the trail look better and more moderate. The weather is much better than our previous climbed to G. Datok. The air is cool just like a natural air-cond. I told the trail story as I read on the book 'The Jungle is Neutral' written by Spencer Chapman. Luckily Bro Oon and Bro Chan also read that book before. So we shared our opinion along the trail.

12:30 pm, we reaching the peak. Just one hour climb from the starting point. The peak use to be marked by a square stone and trigo station was missing totally. We only managed to find the 4 holes where the station pole was erected previously. Nevertheless, we knew this was the correct place and we are now up at the peak of Mt. Gap.

After taken our lunch and photo session we descended down toward the same route. On the way down, we control some of our pace and slow down a bit due to slippery track especially at the mid span of our trail journey. Lastly at 3:30 pm we reach the roadside where we start in the morning.

At about 5 meters away from our car park, we have a bath and clean up. Luckily, the weather was on our side throughout the journey. Looking back, I can't imagine what could have happen if it is raining and the trek will be a tough ones with most of us will slipping and wet all the way. At 3:30 pm we dismiss and back to our hometown.

For more photo by Muzammil here

-apip embi -


Jonathan said…
Is this part of the Mountain Conquest competition?
Lafuma Malaysia said…
Hi Jonathan,
This is not part of the competition but our forth night activities log to share with fellow customers and friends.
Jonathan said…
You do not have any posting on the competition by participants?
Lafuma Malaysia said…
Hi Jonathan,
Yes we will be posting a blog specifically for the mountain conquest soon for all our participants. The site is currently on WIP.

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