Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LMAG July Outdoor Trips

Gunung Gap (approx 5000ft)
Fraser Hill, Pahang

Date : 12 July 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 7.30am
Difficulty : Medium
Trekking Duration : Approximate 2 hours ascending and 2 hours descending.
Meeting Point : Lafuma Bangsar
Fee (for transport & guide) : RM60 (LMAG members)
RM80 (non LMAG members)
Transportation : By van (provided)
Food : Not included. Participants are advised to bring own food for breakfast and lunch meal, cutlery, snacks, torch, trekking poles.
Organiser : YellowStone Sdn Bhd (Lafuma Malaysia)

Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to or

*** Registration close on 5 July 2008. Limited seat only. First come first serve basis!

*Please bring along your LMAG membership card if you are member.


07:30 Meet at Lafuma Bangsar and start journey to Fraser Hill.
12:30 Expected to reach the peak of Gunung Gap.
18:30 Expected to reach Lafuma Bangsar.

* Schedule can be change depend on situation by organizer.

Sg. Lepoh Waterfall
Hulu Langat, Selangor

Date : 26 July 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 7:30am
Difficulty Level : Medium Light
Trekking Duration : Approximate 4 hours trekking time (to and fro)
Meeting Point : Lafuma Bangsar
Fee : RM5.00 (LMAG member)
RM10.00 (non-LMAG member)
Transportation : By car pooling
Food : Not included. Participant are advise to bring own food for breakfast and lunch.
Things to bring : Day pack, trekking attire, extra clothes to change, towel, rain jacket, poncho, trekking shoes, gaiter, water enough for a day (at least 1.5L), breakfast and lunch meal, cutlery, snacks, torch.
Organiser: YellowStone Sdn Bhd (Lafuma Malaysia)

Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to or Kindly indicate your transport availability for this trip so that early arrangement can be made for car pooling.

*** Registration closes on 23 July 2008.

*Please bring along your LMAG membership card if you are member.


07:30 Meet at Lafuma Bangsar and start journey to Hulu Langat.
12:00 Expected to reach the Waterfall.
18:30 Expected to reach Lafuma Bangsar.

* Schedule can be change depend on situation by organizer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

July Challenge - GUNUNG YONG YAP

Gunung Yong Yap (7113FT / 2168M)

Kg Lasah, Sungai Siput , Perak

Date : 25/07/08 - 27/07/08 (Friday - Sunday)
Grade : Advance
Meeting Point : Lafuma Bangsar
Fee : RM265 /=

Things included in the fee : Guides, 4x4 transportation to start point, porter (to carry tent only).

Things to brings : Backpack (abount 30L - 40L), trekking attire, extra clothes and socks, trekking shoes, sandals, water, rain jacket, fleece, tent, food, stove, first aid kit, toiletries, sleeping bag, camping mat, dry bag, camera and etc.

***Registration closed on 13th July 2008

Contact : Mr Zaidi (016-4423519) - PAC
Mr Wong PK (012-5435612) - PAC
Mr Ng (012-4595012) -LMAG

Organizer : Penang Adventure Club (PAC) with collaboration with Lafuma Malaysia Adventure Group (LMAG).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leisure & Light Trip to Sg. Pisang Waterfall (14 June 2008)

LMAG June activity start with leisure & light trip to Sg. Pisang Waterfall, located at Gombak, Selangor. The trip guided and lead by Apip. The line up for this trip start with, Azman, Edina, Englebert, Hui Gee, Godfrey, Khairul, Mardiah, Teoh, Claire, Susan, Goh, Ken with his 2 kids, Rebecca & Ethan. Another of our crew member, Muzammil act as sweeper and also our official photographer.

At the begining of our journey, it's look like a walk in recreation park before we head to a stream nearby.

During our walk, we saw some other visitors enjoying at one of the river stream. We go further to reach for the waterfall, deep in jungle. Our first river crossing was at the small water treatment dam at Sg. Gombak.

We have to cross the Karak Highway... using the tunnel below. The journey becomes like Indiana Jones trails. Hemmmm minus the enemy.

We have to cross a few river path. Some of us does not prepared to get wet on the journey. Crossing river again and again makes them take off and put on their shoes all the time. Some would take five at this moment and enjoy the scenery and have photography session here. However, we come as a group we make sure no one left behind.

We go ahead toward Kuantan following the highway path. Sure! this path was dry. Its look like a group of people stranded at highway where their bus breakdown and you have to walk for help...

Finally we arive at Sg. Pisang campsite at 11++. We have our ice-breaking session there. Reminder also been made to the participants on care and safety procedure before we enter the wet and slippery zone ahead of us.

A slippery slope that we have to pass before we reach the destination. All the way down to the waterfall.

Finally we reached the waterfall at about 12pm. Some of the participants take their stress out by having good time playing at the waterfall while some of us keep ourselves dry by strolling around the site, taking photograph, having light snack and relax.

Groups photo taken by our crew, Muzammil.

At about 2pm we head back to where we start by using a different trail near the river path. Nice but a lot of river crossing again...

For more photos visit MuzammilWebPhoto and to know more about us come to Lafuma shop at Bangsar.

~ apip embi ~

Lessons from my 1st Gunung Hitam (1210m) trek on May 24, 2008. (by Barbara Foong)

PACE – I could not keep pace with the leader.

Scenery – as a very visual person, I was not able to enjoy the thick jungle undergrowth as I struggled to keep pace so as not to be left behind.

The simple act of tying up my boot laces could make me lose sight of those in front. As there were much low shrubs, branches and thorns, my boot laces became undone quite a number of times.

Gunung means mountain – one needs to pull herself/himself up in various steep pitches. My alpine Millet boots were not meant for jungle trekking. Thus I was not able to have any foothold on the loose jungle soil. There were also no handholds ( no roots or branches to grab onto to pull oneself up.) There was a scary moment of sliding down about 10 feet with nothing to hold on to!) I was saved by the sweeper 'man' who moved ahead and cut down a branch for me to hold, passed me a very thin rope (about 5mm thick I think) and another guy planting his foot for me to step on to climb up. Whew! Was I exhausted and demoralized? When I got up this difficult pitch onto more level ground, I was nauseated and felt giddy (I was in shock over the experience).

Here I was panting to maintain the pace, not liking the visuals of the trek, almost slipped to the bottom of that mountain, slowing the rest of the team down-so I pleaded that I wanted out and wanted to wait there for them to return and pick me up.

No - this is the rainforest jungle. They said it is too dangerous but did not explain. I could guess at the reasons – I could be hunted by the jungle animals or snakes or leeches or most likely I probably could not be located. The leader persuaded me to eat & drink to calm down my nerves.

Escape plans – Now, I realize there were no escape plans. No one had a walkie talkie, I did not carry a GPRS phone. One must maintain the pace some how and get out of the jungle by herself or himself. No buts or ifs! One must survive

Not to slow down the rest any more, I requested another commando to carry my 5kg backpack and moved on. I am thankful for the wonderful help from my fellow Malaysians – the five commandos who helped me throughout the trek. During the return trek we were also lost and made many turns & new routes.

It was a wise decision to turn back at about 2pm even though the leader said that it would take another hour to reach the summit at the fastest. No one brought torches. In the dark, it would be suicidal to move through the jungle as there are lots of thorns (long thorns from rattan, roots & dead branches).

In my haste to keep pace with the commandos, I rushed downhill and crushed my chest against a rotten tree trunk. I suffered the chest pain since then. It's healing now but I cannot do sit-ups properly yet. I am very safety conscious as I intend to exit from the adventure strong and unharmed with no injuries. Also I need to keep a clean slate of safety to continue to get my husband's blessings for such treks.Now, I am grounded and cannot continue such treks. I love Malaysia outdoors but thick jungle & leeches do not motivate me.

I confirm this – I do have an altitude sickness problem. It happened at Gunung Kinabalu, driving for the 1st & only time to Genting Highlands, fast ascent to Fraser's Hill or Cameron Highlands. I wish I could conquer this but this shallow breathing bad habit does not help me either. I must practice deeper breathing & expand my lungs power.

I went through all the available stories about Gunung Hitam in the internet. NeiFeng Story
Above told about pace and the log of timing of ascent & descent. These were experienced trekkers. Our hours of ascent : start ascent of 10am and descent of first group at 4.30pm, second group (me & my five commandos at 5pm) were very good pace for first-timers to Gunung Hitam!

We were lucky to come out of this intact and with no serious accidents.
It was a thin line between getting lost and getting out of this jungle unharmed.
Now I have a new understanding when they say it is a jungle out there!

From a wishful mountaineer-to-be (at least a voracious reader of mountains & mountaineers & trekkers).

Barbara Foong.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

World Environment Day 2008

Coming 5th June 2008 the whole world will be celebrating World Environment Day 2008 (WED 2008). This year slogan is “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy”. In conjunction with the WED 2008, we at Lafuma Malaysia will be offering our customers a special discount of 20% on all our Lafuma “Pure Leaf Collection” products from 4th June 2008 till 8th June 2008.

Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection is a sustainable development project undertaken by Lafuma International as part of our effort to contribute to our mother earth. 10% of the proceeds from the Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). You can do your part as well by helping to save our planet earth on your own ways, be it involved in recycling, replanting, car-pooling, using public transport, say no to open burning and etc.
Register your WED 2008 activity by showing how you would like to help or ideas on how what you can do to help at

Interesting 8 facts about Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection products.
  1. Do you know that the Lafuma ECO 40 backpack has won an ISPO Sport & Style Award as well as Star of the Design Observer 2007. The bag has been made from 100% recycled polyester and minimized use of plastic. It comes with steel frame and buckle with an optimized material.

  2. Do you know that our recycle polartec jacket materials come from the recycling of industrial and consumers waste (such as plastic bottles)? 1 Polar jacket = 15 plastic bottles.

  3. Do you know that traditional cotton uses 24% of sold pesticides in the world for only 2.4% of cultivated area? Do you know that the hemp is stronger and needs less water than traditional cotton to grow?

  4. Do you know that organic cotton doesn’t use pesticides nor fertilizers? It goes for better soil, water, air protections and a better farmer’s life quality.

  5. Do you know that hemp is more stronger and less polluting than cotton? Hemp cultivation requires very little irrigation and no phytosanitary treatment (no fungicides, no herbicides and no insecticides). Hemp is washed to 30 to 40 degree Celsius, which reduces energy consumption.

  6. Traditional cotton endangers man and nature due to the unic aim of maximizing yields. Do you know that, since 1930 yields are multiplied threefold … but acreage is still the same …?

  7. Do you know that the shoes sole is made from natural rubber soles and not synthetic ones.

  8. Do you know that the latest shoes box from this collection is specially designed to be smaller than the traditional packaging in order to reduce material usage as well as the impact on the environment arising from logistic stages (packaging & carriage).

Father Day Special

Special dedication to all fathers during the coming Father's Day, we have special offer on Lafuma down jacket (Inuit II Parka) with 20% discounts from the original price of RM999. Save RM199.80 with this special purchase this month!

Click image to enlarge.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LMAG climb Mt. Hitam (24 May 2008)


Mt Hitam is one of the mountain in Selangor. The locals and villages (Hulu Langat residents) near that mountain call it Bukit (hill) Hitam. When I heard some of our local mountain seekers call it as mountain, I went and check it out with our government Land Office official topography map of that location. To my surprise it was labeled as Gunung Hitam with height of 1210m.

Side by side; river stream and our trail.

For more photo visit one of our participant web photo gallery azharali photo gallery

- apip embi -

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Promotion

This June 2008, Lafuma members (LMAG) will enjoy 15% discounts on Tek jacket (fleece) for men and women, M Nampala sandal, LD Semara sandal and Namik 45L backpack.

For non-members, we have 10% discounts for Spine 15L daypack, Fragment laptop bag and Warm N Light 600 sleeping bag which suitable for temperature from 11 to -5 degree Celsius.