Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LMAG Trip for January 2009

Bukit Sg. Puteh 
Cheras - Ampang, Selangor

Date : 17 January 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 730am to 4pm
Meeting point : Lafuma Bangsar
Fee : RM5 (LMAG Members)
        RM8 (Non-LMAG members)
Difficulties : Easy
Things to bring : Daypack, trekking attire, extra clothing, rain jacket, poncho, towel, trekking shoes, water, snacks, own lunch, cutlery and toiletries.
Transportation : Own cost (if need transportation, we can try to arrange on car pool basis but must inform us earlier)
Organiser : YellowStone Sdn Bhd

*** Registration close on 14 January 2009
Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to lafumalaysia@gmail.com or customercare@lafuma.com.my

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nuang Hike

On the 6th of December, there were 15 of us in a group who gone up to Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat and that was no easy task. The trip was organised by Lafuma Malaysia Adventure Group (LMAG) for its customers and it is open for the publics as well. It's all started at 7:00am at Lafuma Bangsar where consists of 4 cars leave the shop heading towards Hulu Langat.

The journey from KL to Gunung Nuang entrance took us around 45 minutes. Some of us have never been to Nuang before thought that since it is just within Selangor state and it shouldn’t take that “long” to reach the destination. As usual we started the climb with some briefing and the guide and sweeper for the day is Muzammil and CK from Lafuma.

We started our hike with the pretty rocky, uphill and never ending trail. We went through the pine tree forest and bamboo gardens. We couldn't differentiate what are the differences because they all look the same to us. Besides, we had a few water stops and rest along the way and it took us about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the first campsite, Kem Lolo, which is our initial target.

After a small rest at Kem Lolo, we decided to continue our climb to the next campsite, while some will stay at Kem Lolo after the exhausted hike. Then, we gave our steps the final push through the red clay up to Kem Pacat, a campsite before the peak. We trekked for almost 2 hours to reach the campsite. We had our light lunch and chilled out at Kem Pacat for a while.

After filled up our stomach, we decend from Kem Pacat at about 2:00pm. We went straight to the river for a clean up and cooling bath when we reached Kem Lolo. We dismissed at about 6:00pm from the entrance. The journey will be continued...the next mission will be the peak!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

360° Panorama View on top of Rasa Hill (22/11/08)

The rainy season in November didn’t stop LMAG’s hiking activity. We went to Rasa Hill, which is 285 meters above sea level and located at Bukit Terek Forest Reserve, Hulu Selangor. Most of the past hikers do not know the exact name of the hill because Rasa Hill was named after Two Ringgit Hill by them.

We started the climb at 8:30am in the morning. Suddenly, the sky started to rain. However, we were lucky that the rain was just lasted for a few minutes. The trail is pretty short and it can be divided into three different parts. The first section of our journey was slow as the terrain full with loose rock and soft soil. At one part of the route, we need to climb a 90 degrees wall.

Next, we trekked inside the jungle that is full with ‘Bertam’ trees. Then, we passed through the section with ‘Resam’ trees vegetation before we finally reached for the summit of Rasa Hill. The hike is interesting because the peak was marked by Trigo Station and 360° panorama. We also can see Genting Highlands and Titiwangsa Range clearly.

After the groups photo session, as usual some of us took photos alone for personal collection. We trekked down the Rasa Hill through the same route and dismiss at 11:30am. Although the hiking trip was short but most of us enjoyed the scenic view. Even some of us plan to revisit Rasa Hill again, especially for nature photography, sunset or sunrise.

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