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360° Panorama View on top of Rasa Hill (22/11/08)

The rainy season in November didn’t stop LMAG’s hiking activity. We went to Rasa Hill, which is 285 meters above sea level and located at Bukit Terek Forest Reserve, Hulu Selangor. Most of the past hikers do not know the exact name of the hill because Rasa Hill was named after Two Ringgit Hill by them.

We started the climb at 8:30am in the morning. Suddenly, the sky started to rain. However, we were lucky that the rain was just lasted for a few minutes. The trail is pretty short and it can be divided into three different parts. The first section of our journey was slow as the terrain full with loose rock and soft soil. At one part of the route, we need to climb a 90 degrees wall.

Next, we trekked inside the jungle that is full with ‘Bertam’ trees. Then, we passed through the section with ‘Resam’ trees vegetation before we finally reached for the summit of Rasa Hill. The hike is interesting because the peak was marked by Trigo Station and 360° panorama. We also can see Genting Highlands and Titiwangsa Range clearly.

After the groups photo session, as usual some of us took photos alone for personal collection. We trekked down the Rasa Hill through the same route and dismiss at 11:30am. Although the hiking trip was short but most of us enjoyed the scenic view. Even some of us plan to revisit Rasa Hill again, especially for nature photography, sunset or sunrise.

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