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Gears Up!!

Exploring The Malaysia 2nd Highest Mountain, Mount Trusmadi (2,462 M)

Location : Mount Trusmadi, Sabah, Malaysia
Date : 31/7/09 (Friday) – 3/8/09 (Monday) (4D3N)

About Mount Trusmadi
Trusmadi Mount, measuring at 2,462m or 8,669ft, is the Malaysia second highest mountain after Gunung Kinabalu (4,101m or 13,433ft) but is said to offer a much more challenging climb. Situated between the districts of Tambunan to the north and Keningau to the south (in the state of Sabah in Borneo).

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Unlike Mount Kinabalu which is visited by thousands of people every year, Mount Trusmadi – situated some 70km southeast of Kota Kinabalu – is not a tourist mountain and is rarely visited. Until recently, there are only one or two expeditions climb on this mountain each year.
The slopes of the mountain, which are covered with rich vegetation houses many species of birds, animals and plants, making it a trekker's haven.

The summit (of Mount Trusmadi) is reputed to have the best dawn view of Mount Kinabalu, which lies over 40km to the north. A unique pitcher plant, Nepe…

LMAG Trip to Bukit Kutu

Bukit Kutu
Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor

Date : 2 May 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7:30am – 7:00pm
Meeting Point : Lafuma Bangsar
Fee : RM10 (for LMAG members)
RM15 (for non-LMAG members)
Difficulties : Medium High
Type : Trekking
Things to bring : Day pack, trekking attire, extra clothes for change, rain jacket /poncho, trekking shoes, headlamp, water, trekking poles, lunch, snacks.
Transportation : On own transport.

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## Registration LIMITED to 15 participants and on first come first serve basis.

***Registration close on 28 April 2009

*Note : Please bring along your LMAG membership card if you have one. Breakfast and lunch will not be provided. The organiser will not be responsible for any mishap that may occur during the hike. Participants register and hike on own risks.

0730 hrs Gather at Lafuma Bangsar for registration and drive to KKB.
0830 hrs Briefing and ice-breaking session
0845 hrs Start trekking
1400 hrs Expected to reach the peak
1800 hrs Arrive at car park. Dismiss…

Bukit Tabur Alert Notice

Most of us from the hiking and trekking communities are aware of whereabout of Bukit Tabur and have done some hikes there in the past. However there are still some of us who may not be aware of the danger or risk of climbing Bukit Tabur or I would say that we take it lightly on the safety aspect of the climb. There has been several cases and some involved fatalities as well during the past years where hikers fell from the cliff during their climb. The risk is not only apply to beginner but experience and hikers who are frequent the place as well.

We at Lafuma Bangsar, would wished to alert all our customers, friends and fellow hikers to be more alert when you climb at Bukit Tabur. Make sure you are well prepared for the hike and also make do your friends or partners that are coming along with you aware of the risk, safety and precaution aspect of the climb. Here are some tips that we would like to share with you during your trip there.

1) Never go alone for this hike. Bring along som…

Lafuma Earth Day 2009

Take the plant home for adoption is the latest program organized by Lafuma to instill awareness on importance of plants as part of our ecological system. This was part of the Lafuma Earth Day 2009 celebration. For every RM500 and above spent in a single receipt at Lafuma Bangsar Concept Shop from 4/4/09 till 22/4/09, you will entitled to take home a pot of plant of your choice to be cared with*.

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Come and show your support by adopting our plants while you shop for your gears.

* There are six species of plants available and will be given on first come first serve basis while stocks last.

Save Our Waterfall

Calling VOLUNTEERS for gotong royong clean up session at Kanching Waterfall!

The seven-tier Kanching Waterfall is rated as one of the Selangor’s premier waterfall and has been a favourite local hang-out during weekends and holiday season. A recent check revealed that the condition of the waterfall has depleted and may become unbearable to real waterfall lovers.

As part of the program line up by Lafuma for the Earth Day 2009 campaign, Lafuma will be sponsoring the SOW program, which was organized by our affiliate, Waterfall Survivors. The campaign details are as below:

Date : 19 April 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 7am to 6pm
Venue : Kanching waterfall near Rawang, Selangor

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Come and register yourself for this event and bring along your friends too! Your action counts in preserving our natural heritage for our future generation.

Visit our blogspot and shop to get the detail info or register by sms to SOWse-mailname and send to 019-6787460 for registration form to be sent to your email …

Promotion for Apr'09

This April 2009 promo for all Lafuma (LMAG) member, we have 15% discounts specially for the items below.

Brooks Twin Parka - Normal price : RM949.00 Discounted price : RM806.65
LD Osceola Twin Parka - Normal price : RM949.00 Discounted price : RM806.65 Pro Warm Pants - Normal price : RM849.00 Discounted price : RM721.65 LD Pro Warm Pants - Normal price : RM849.00 Discounted price : RM721.65 Landcruiser 60+10 backpack - Normal price : RM859.00 Discounted price : RM730.15 Non-member can also enjoy the below listed items with a 10% discounts in April 2009.

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Servoz Soft Jacket - Normal price : RM399.00 Discounted price : RM359.10 LD Servoz Soft Jacket - Normal price : RM399.00 Discounted price : RM359.10
Yukon 17 backpack - Normal price : RM299.00 Discounted price : RM269.10