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Bukit Tabur Alert Notice

Most of us from the hiking and trekking communities are aware of whereabout of Bukit Tabur and have done some hikes there in the past. However there are still some of us who may not be aware of the danger or risk of climbing Bukit Tabur or I would say that we take it lightly on the safety aspect of the climb. There has been several cases and some involved fatalities as well during the past years where hikers fell from the cliff during their climb. The risk is not only apply to beginner but experience and hikers who are frequent the place as well.

We at Lafuma Bangsar, would wished to alert all our customers, friends and fellow hikers to be more alert when you climb at Bukit Tabur. Make sure you are well prepared for the hike and also make do your friends or partners that are coming along with you aware of the risk, safety and precaution aspect of the climb. Here are some tips that we would like to share with you during your trip there.

1) Never go alone for this hike. Bring along some experience hiker or friends with you. If you need to go alone, never forget your handphone as it will be a handy gadget to have in case of emergency.
2) Avoid trekking to this place at night as well as rainy season.
3) Start your journey early in the morning as the place will heat up fast after the sunrise due to the quartz terrain. Bring along more water as you may get dehydrated fast if you are long up there.
4) Becareful on certain danger spot/zone where you need to do a bit of rock scrambling up or down. Use the safety rope if there is any.
5) Get a proper shoes with good traction and grip and never go with your normal sandals/slippers.
6) If you are bringing your friends there, please do keep the group small or in a manageable size so that you can take care of them accordingly.
7) Lastly, keep your family informed of your trip there.

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Checked this related blog about Bukit Tabur where it gives you a good pictorial on the danger spot as well as the safety climbing technics for the danger area,

Remember, while we enjoy our climb never put our life into jeopardy. We live to climb and continue climbing .....


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