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Gears Up!!

Gunung Nuang


Height : 1, 493 m (the highest mountain in Selangor)
Location : Hulu Langat, Selangor
Time Budget to the peak : 8 - 9 Hours
Entrance Fee : RM 1.00
Hard-O-Meter : 3-Star
View-O-Meter : 1-Star
The Not-to-Miss : Waterfalls, sunrise at the peak The Trail
1. Entrance/Parking 2. The never ending road 3. Pipeline 4. Dam 5. Kem Lolo 6. Hut camp 7. Red Clay Trail 8. Kem Pacat 9. Puncak Pengasih 10. Gunung Nuang Summit
Memory Lane (23-24 February 08, Organized by RIKL)
There were 17 of us in a group that day who gone up Gunung Nuang and that was no easy task. All of us were carrying at least a 60 Litres rucksacks filled with tents, group kit, cooking equipment, food and personal stuff for 2-day-1-night camp.
The first part was pretty rocky, uphill and it seemed never ending. We went through the pine tree forest and bamboo gardens, and the birds were singing the whole morning. That could be your only i-Pod in the jungle. After lunch at Kem Lolo, we gave our steps the final push through the red clay up to…