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Rekreasi Hujung Minggu di Hutan Lipur Bukit Lagong (14/03/09)

Spending almost every day at Bukit Lagong Recreational Forest is a weekend option this weekend. The program organized by Lafuma Malaysia Adventure Group (LMAG) is accompanied by a number of participants who are interested in nature reactions. Recreational forest located in Selayang, Selangor area may still be alien in the Klang Valley society. Just a few meters from the Gombak Police Station Headquarters is on the backdrop of this jungle forest.
Starting from the Lafuma boutique in Bangsar, our 7-way recreational vehicle shop in Jalan Telawi climbs the MPV to the jungle. Early morning rainstorm began to diminish the number of entries in the last minute. Our fate is quite good, in Selayang not only does not rain but the sun begins to shine.

Our MPV is down the road for this jungle past the settlement of the Orang Asli to the end of the paved road. As soon as it comes down from the vehicle, we straighten the veins and begin to warm up after the ice-breaking session.

The start of our journey was not quiet, the sound of poultry in addition to the rapids near the atmosphere. This fun forest, which is a bird-watching destination or a more popular bird-watcher, consists of several pioneers. We picked a pull-up pilot pointing over one of the hills here.

Our journey is getting far into the middle of the jungle. Little by little we climbed. The sweat started out and the heat began to feel. Some bird nests are clearly visible on the tallest tree. Without binocular equipment we can see the nests made on the canopy of the jungle. An unpredictable sight to the trekker jungle.

Step by step we arrange, sometimes through the rapids and some up the cliffs. There is a flora that attracts us as a 15-inch diameter button mushroom. Fragrance of aromatic timber trees among traditional oils consumers.

Fauna such as insects and poultry can not be separated from our attention. A bunch of flying kites that fly like a party are quite interesting to us. We've been watching this scene for a long time before we travel.

At 10:30 am we were in the peak. 20 meters approaching the peaks filled with bushes and bushes. At last destination we pictured a group as memories. We rested for a while before starting the same journey.

Mentari shines intensely, the most vulnerable rifle with this sunshade is a challenge for us. Rentis estimated at 5 KM is much farther when returning home than traveling.

Finally we are happy to return to our MPV at 12:30. Before returning home we stopped at Bukit Lagong Waterfall. Some visitors enliven the atmosphere here. Seeing their behavior and their behavior is enough to cool down our body no matter how much labor is brought for bathing. At 1:30 we returned to Bangsar and dispersed.

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boleh beritahu tempat spesifik air terjun bkt lagong

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