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Leisure & Light Trip to Sg. Pisang Waterfall (14 June 2008)

LMAG June activity start with leisure & light trip to Sg. Pisang Waterfall, located at Gombak, Selangor. The trip guided and lead by Apip. The line up for this trip start with, Azman, Edina, Englebert, Hui Gee, Godfrey, Khairul, Mardiah, Teoh, Claire, Susan, Goh, Ken with his 2 kids, Rebecca & Ethan. Another of our crew member, Muzammil act as sweeper and also our official photographer.

At the begining of our journey, it's look like a walk in recreation park before we head to a stream nearby.

During our walk, we saw some other visitors enjoying at one of the river stream. We go further to reach for the waterfall, deep in jungle. Our first river crossing was at the small water treatment dam at Sg. Gombak.

We have to cross the Karak Highway... using the tunnel below. The journey becomes like Indiana Jones trails. Hemmmm minus the enemy.

We have to cross a few river path. Some of us does not prepared to get wet on the journey. Crossing river again and again makes them take off and put on their shoes all the time. Some would take five at this moment and enjoy the scenery and have photography session here. However, we come as a group we make sure no one left behind.

We go ahead toward Kuantan following the highway path. Sure! this path was dry. Its look like a group of people stranded at highway where their bus breakdown and you have to walk for help...

Finally we arive at Sg. Pisang campsite at 11++. We have our ice-breaking session there. Reminder also been made to the participants on care and safety procedure before we enter the wet and slippery zone ahead of us.

A slippery slope that we have to pass before we reach the destination. All the way down to the waterfall.

Finally we reached the waterfall at about 12pm. Some of the participants take their stress out by having good time playing at the waterfall while some of us keep ourselves dry by strolling around the site, taking photograph, having light snack and relax.

Groups photo taken by our crew, Muzammil.

At about 2pm we head back to where we start by using a different trail near the river path. Nice but a lot of river crossing again...

For more photos visit MuzammilWebPhoto and to know more about us come to Lafuma shop at Bangsar.

~ apip embi ~


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