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World Environment Day 2008

Coming 5th June 2008 the whole world will be celebrating World Environment Day 2008 (WED 2008). This year slogan is “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy”. In conjunction with the WED 2008, we at Lafuma Malaysia will be offering our customers a special discount of 20% on all our Lafuma “Pure Leaf Collection” products from 4th June 2008 till 8th June 2008.

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Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection is a sustainable development project undertaken by Lafuma International as part of our effort to contribute to our mother earth. 10% of the proceeds from the Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). You can do your part as well by helping to save our planet earth on your own ways, be it involved in recycling, replanting, car-pooling, using public transport, say no to open burning and etc.
Register your WED 2008 activity by showing how you would like to help or ideas on how what you can do to help at

Interesting 8 facts about Lafuma Pure Leaf Collection products.
  1. Do you know that the Lafuma ECO 40 backpack has won an ISPO Sport & Style Award as well as Star of the Design Observer 2007. The bag has been made from 100% recycled polyester and minimized use of plastic. It comes with steel frame and buckle with an optimized material.

  2. Do you know that our recycle polartec jacket materials come from the recycling of industrial and consumers waste (such as plastic bottles)? 1 Polar jacket = 15 plastic bottles.

  3. Do you know that traditional cotton uses 24% of sold pesticides in the world for only 2.4% of cultivated area? Do you know that the hemp is stronger and needs less water than traditional cotton to grow?

  4. Do you know that organic cotton doesn’t use pesticides nor fertilizers? It goes for better soil, water, air protections and a better farmer’s life quality.

  5. Do you know that hemp is more stronger and less polluting than cotton? Hemp cultivation requires very little irrigation and no phytosanitary treatment (no fungicides, no herbicides and no insecticides). Hemp is washed to 30 to 40 degree Celsius, which reduces energy consumption.

  6. Traditional cotton endangers man and nature due to the unic aim of maximizing yields. Do you know that, since 1930 yields are multiplied threefold … but acreage is still the same …?

  7. Do you know that the shoes sole is made from natural rubber soles and not synthetic ones.

  8. Do you know that the latest shoes box from this collection is specially designed to be smaller than the traditional packaging in order to reduce material usage as well as the impact on the environment arising from logistic stages (packaging & carriage).


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