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Proud with LMAG @ Mt Datok

On 28 June 2008 a group of 37 people from age 10 years old to 44 years old have successfully conquer Gunung Datok at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. The trip was organised by Lafuma Malaysia Adventure Group (LMAG) for its customers and friends. It all started at 7.30am at Lafuma Bangsar where the convoy of 10 cars leave the shop heading towards Rembau. This has been the biggest group ever since LMAG organised its fortnight trips locally.

The journey from KL to Rembau take us about 1 hour plus before we reached the destination. As usual we started the climb with some safety briefing and the guide and sweeper for the day is our Abang Apip and Abang Muzammil from Lafuma.

The terrain from the starting point is about 70 to 80 degree and lasted about 45 minutes before we comes to a much even terrain. Some of the beginner in the group already puffing for air during the hard steep hike. The group members took 5, waiting for each other while some energetic ones proceed till the top non-stop!

The hike to the peak took us about 2 hours in average. While waiting for all to arrive at the summit camp, we prepared and heat up our lunch for the day, pita served with vege and chicken mixed with mayo. Yummy, yummy plus a special concotion of tea and lychee drink. Thanks to our guide and friends who help out during the preparation.

After filled up our stomach, we adjourned to the summit with photo session and scenery viewing. Our experience guide introduced us to a foot print myth at the summit (which hidden somewhere in the corner!). It is belief that the foot print belong to our great hero, Hang Tuah during old days. We took turn taking photos at the summit with Lafuma flag waving proudly on our today feat.

We decend from the summit at about 2.30pm. Some who make it really down fast, decided to make a move earlier while some of us head towards the adjacent river for a clean up and cooling bath. We dismissed at about 4.30pm from the park and bring back the joyous and fond moment with us to the city, KL while leaving our footprint like our hero, Hang Tuah there. The journey will continue....


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