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Lafuma 'Crazy 51' Merdeka Month Celebration

In conjunction with our country Merdeka Day (National Day) celebration, we at Lafuma will celebrate it our own ways. During the month of August, we will be having activities to remind people about our country 51st Merdeka Day and the peace and harmony that we enjoyed in this multi-racial country throughout the 51 years of our country independence.

Be the lucky number 51 customer that make a purchase in our Bangsar outlet during the month of August and we will reward you with a 51% discount on all your Lafuma brand of products purchase in that particular single receipt (not applicable to promotion items). So visit us frequently during this month to be the lucky 51st.

Our national flower, ‘bunga raya or hibiscus’ is fast faded in our memory as this flower can be hardly seen or spotted in the city. Think when is the last time you have seen this flower? I bet you will find hard to answer this question. We at Lafuma have brought in a limited unit of special printed hibiscus flower on the Lafuma sleeping bag for you. The model known as Canoe Print (LFC1379) comes in red and blue at retail price of RM229 for temperature between +14 to –2 degree Celsius. The best of all is that on the Merdeka eve (30th August 2008) any available stocks for this model will be going for 51% discount for LMAG members only! Be the first to collect this unique model.

Our usual fortnight hike will be different on the Merdeka eve, we wish to get registration for a total of 51 participants for the Bukit Apeh, Cheras hike on 30/08/08 (please refer our Aug 08 activities details) to fly our national flag there. Come and join us to celebrate our Merdeka hike together.

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