Gears Up!!

Bukit Tabur Hike

Last weekend was a bit hectic for me, it was Gasing at first, followed by a concert in Genting, came down as early as 6am for Bukit Tabur Hike.

Came all the first timers at Tabur, Mr Ng and I met Peik Lean, Hui Gee, Englebert, Azman and Edina. Energetic at first, without knowing what to expect, we started off up the longest quartz ridge in the world. (For me, that was my sixth time up this pretty lil rock!)

Peik Lean was amazed with the scenery, saying that it was tougher yet better than the Mulu pinnacles. Meanwhile, Azman was there taking his sweet time enjoying his 'energy booster'.

The first timer trekker from Hungary, Edina, was busy taking photos and love what Malaysia nature could offer. I remembered that the siblings - Hui Gee and Englebert, the sister showed off her talent in sales during our Summer Products Preview as the brother who has a very special name was focusing on the shoes and jackets.

I guess Mr Ng was happy to see all of us finish the trek in 5 hours. The hardworking boss went back to the shop after the trek, as others might already went back for Roti Canai or Nasi Lemak which they last for during the trek.

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