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Climbing Mt. Tera with Lafuma gears

Climbing Mount Tera is all about climbing the highest peak at Gunung Stong Middle Forest Reserve. Mount Tera, stood 1556 meter above sea level situated in the virgin jungle among 7 mountains. The mountain is not open for normal climber except for the experience ones and who already climbed Mount Stong & Mount Ayam.

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Based on the climbing history of Mt Tera, since 2005 only one group per year heading to this mountain. The success rate to the highest peak of Mt Tera is very low as most of the expedition failed due to lost of trail. The normal duration of the expedition is 5 days. I made a preliminary study and plan the journey to be as shortest as possible so that our group can covered more area. As such I picked my best teamates for the trip. At one point, the guide community disagree on my plan and I have to coax them into agreeing our tentative plan as day past by we proof our team capabilities in covering long distances without problems.

All the climbers come with the best gear they have with them. Most of the brand that I can spot is ‘LAFUMA’. The product I noticed was shoes, pants, jackets, daypack, haversack and tent.

Zuhara and his Lafuma single pole tent setup at Mt Ayam peak campsite. As a woman, the tent weight is not an issue for her to carry since the product was light. This is the first time she use the tent. We have asked her personal comment on the tent after she slept 2 nights inside it and thumbs up was given on the product.

The journey route start from Jelawang Resort follows the path until Mt Ayam campsite. From Mt Ayam to Mt Tera we used the elephant route. Syukri, who wore the outdry shoes does not have any problem crossing the muddy and wet area on elephant valley.
The gear feature became one of the topics we chit-chatting before supper at our campsite. Sharing our outdoor experiences and gear knowledge covered most of the night talk during the trip.

Our Mt Tera trip was the most memorable one. As in good group size and hiking pace, we are offered to a hidden waterfall we named it Lata Gajah Meniti (Elephant Way Cascade).

We are not only conquering Mt Tera peak, Mt. Ayam, Mt. Saji and lastly Mt. Stong was also in our reach. On this trip, the famous Jelawang waterfall became our welcome and goodbye icon as it past our path towards achieving our dream to Mt Tera.

“...suddenly one of my close friend call me and inviting me to join his trip to Mount Tera last week. I cannot refuse his offer due to my interest in Mount Tera itself,... I'm not regretting my decision to climb Mount Tera.” Hasan Ayat (still lost in jungle, Mt Yong Yap trip since 15 Feb 2009)

Contributor : Apip Embi (avid and experience hiker)


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