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A Snap Shot From Our April 09 Trip To Sg Sendat

12 April 2009, LMAG have successfully organised a river trekking at Sendat River in Hulu Yam, Selangor. The group consist of 10 participants, explore the Sendat River and rewarded with a beautiful and peaceful sight of the surrounding nature. The water was feezing cold and crystal clear makes one tempting to jump into it. A snap shot of the event and trail to share with you here. Well, we belief a picture tell a thousand words ...

Group photos before the trekking.

Warm-up session..

Trekking up the river boulders.
Beautiful sight of the river.
Trekking alongside of the river.

Crossing the river.
Walking on a knee deep river.
Water gushing down the stream.

Sendat Waterfall
Participants having a break at the last point.

Group photos at the waterfall.

Let us all be reminded that the beautiful sight and clean water that we enjoy today are to be preserved for our future generation. Keep the place intact and clean. Just leave your footprint and photos for rememberance and nothing else ...

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