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Tiring But Yet Enjoyable Trek To Mount Peninjau

On 16 Jan 2010, LMAG organized a day trip at Kenderong Range. Hiking up to Mount Peninjau, 3,421 feet above sea level which is the higher point of Kenderong Range.
A total of 28 climbers can be considered as a large group for daytrip hiking program outside Klang Valley. Early morning, around 6:40am, when most of the people in Klang Valley are still asleep, we start our journey toward north via PLUS highway. We have our first meeting point at R&R Tapah where we catch our breakfast before proceed.
At about 10:15am, we arrived at Hutan Lipur Ulu Chepor. We waited for the remaining convoy to reach the place after they have missed the Chemor exit. Here we also waited for another participant from Ipoh. We met another group of hikers as well here.
We proceed with light warm up and ice-breaking with some photograph session while waiting for the rest to arrive. At about 11:00am we decided to start trekking with Yassir leading the first group while Apip waiting for the rest to arrive since day are catching up and the weather is getting hotter. About 10 minutes later, the rest arrived and the second group starts the trek at about 11:20am. The second group had to catch up with the first group while we send our sweeper, Fahmie to intercept the first group.

Our first meeting point is at the waterfall. Eventually the second group joined with the first group here at about 12pm. We take a rest here and while some enjoyed taking photos here. We start moving after 15 minutes rest.

Our trail getting stepper from time to time with about 80 degrees gradian at one point. The path getting moderate after that with a slight 30 degrees gradian. Some of our group members getting tired with the constant uphill stretch and we had to keep on supporting them mentally.

Finally we catch up with the other earlier group which we met at the trailhead. They are from Malaysia Airline System (MAS) KelanaJaya and KL. Have a good chit-chat and know each other along the way.

Reached the summit rested and with group photos taken before descend again. The day was getting dark. We split into two groups with the faster ones moving ahead and the slower pace group behind. At about 6:30pm the last group was just at the campsite where the MAS groups reside. Some of the participants have lost confidence to move ahead. Their steps start to slow down and need constant support. Our guide accompanied them and we take a rest at the waterfall. Slowly we continue our journey until we finally step out of the jungle at about 9:20pm.

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We clean up ourselves by having our bath at the stream on night before leave Ulu Chepor for our dinner at TomYam House, near the main road. Reached KL at about 11:00pm.
-apip embi-


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