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Mountain Conquest 2008

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To download application forms, check out Lafuma Activities.


oddstuff said…
I saw the big ad about Mountain Conquest and tried to contact the phone number listed. Nobody answered. Tried few more times. Same. Never mind. There is an email listed there in the ad as well. So I wrote and enquired about the phone number which I could not get thru. Another surprise! Nobody bothered to reply.

This is absurd! I'm climbing Mount Kinabalu next week and thought it would be a good collaboration with Lafuma.

Due to poor response from Lafuma, I'd be happy to give it a miss!
Lafuma Malaysia said…

I've just checked the poster and there's no mistake on the contact number. Our opening hours is from 11am - 9pm daily. Please feel free to call / drop by anytime convenient to you. We are more than happy to assist you at any instance.

Another alternative, you could try to contact us at for future collaboration. It's a daily digest email.

We are pleased to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Xin Tong

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