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Kemensah Waterfall (10th May 2008)

Secret waterfall in Klang Valley - these are right words that correctly described the series of waterfall in Ulu Kemensah. Located in the jungle behind Zoo Negara, Ulu Klang.

On 10 May 2008, the team of 6 lead by Apip of Lafuma set out for a leisure trip to Kemensah Waterfall. Early morning, Chew, Englebert and Melissa ready in front Lafuma boutique at Bangsar. The other two members, loving husband and wife, Mardiah and Khairul waiting us at nearby Zoo Negara.

We drive thru Kg. Kemensah until the end of the road and park our car there. We start trekking at 10:30am after a short briefing and ice-breaking session. As a small group trekker we walk closed to each other.

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Our trip here, welcomed by leech community.
Most of us were attacked by them. We’re quite lucky because that day land surface was more dry and less of leeches. At one check point, Apip elaborate about 'leech' or local call as ‘Pacat’. The most important is, how to protect ourself from pacat when we rest or stay static. The pacat stop moving to human and change behavior when Apip clear all leaf around that pacat. Impress!! and that moment capture by Englebert.

After more than 45 minutes walking from the starting point include our few take 5 minutes rest, we arrived at the first waterfall. The water was quite cold and on the cool day most of us just relax on the big stone opposite the waterfall.

We spent our time enjoying the scenery and relaxing for about half an hour before we start moving to the next waterfall. From here we start river trekking. All of us like river trekking; virgin jungle, fresh air and most important, no leech!

At 12:50pm we arrived at the multi-tier waterfall. As usual, there was no pool sighted for us to swim. However, the waterfall tempted us to take a dip and shower to cool us down in the sunny day while the rest stay dry and watching.

After half an hour here, we took some photos as well as groups photo before we head the trail again. At one point we discover flow of water come out from stone. Really mineral water filter by nature stone. We drank that water and it taste similar like processed mineral water.

Past 15 minutes trekking we met another waterfall and we took a rest here. We take our lunch here. After that Apip shared one of the survival tips, how to make cooking stove out of nothing! Everyone was amazed after fire was light up and hot water was boiled.

At 2:20 pm we trek back to our starting point. In the middle of our river trail route, Apip guided us to one more waterfall nearby. We spent just 10 minutes here for photography session.

Eager to back to civilization, we go faster on jungle trail in order to reach the starting point. The nature orchestra hears around us. It combines with bulldozer sound from construction area nearby our trail.

At the end we arrive at our car park. The secret waterfall among Klang Valley citizen was not a secret anymore for us.

More pictures, check out More Photo
By: Apip Embi


misSy_eNna said…
Agreed! This is the BEST ever waterfall in KL. I have been to waterfall in most places - Alor Star,Cameroon, Kluang, FRIM and Baling. But this is the supreme one. Hardly get such a fresh air and water in this heart of hectic city. I have been there with group of friends last 18th May ' 08. Looking forward to explore more on the second trip soon. We've practice a environment friendly attitude- to take home all the rubbish that we've made. I hope all those trekkers do the same thing to preserve the forest as it is. **\(^.^)/* cheers!

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