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Enjoyable trip @ Sg Lepoh Waterfall

On 26 July 2008, LMAG have a trip to Sg. Lepoh Waterfall, Hulu Langat, Selangor. As usual, Lafuma Bangsar is our meeting point. 2 cars with 8 persons depart towards Hulu Langat. We stopped at Petronas Bt 7 Jalan Cheras to wait for another participants in 1 car to join our convoy. At Pekan Bt 18, Hulu Langat we stop for breakfast. Pekan Batu 18 (18 miles from Kuala Lumpur) is the last town before reaching Sg. Lepoh.

When arrived at Sg. Lepoh car park, immediately the parking attendant approach us to collect parking fees. Mentioning “Dalam banyak durian? (there is a lot of durian inside the jungle), Apip been told that “Kalau ada ambillah, tak payah bayar" (you can take it to eat without pay if available) by the parking attendant. So our car park fees include durian as well, what a great deal!

The program start with ice breaking session, Adinson and her mum, Marie. Ori Osawa and Robert both foreigners, Genevy with all white shirt & short pants, Jakie and her umbrella, Sarawakian loving couple, Juckson & Rachel, Nana, Apip wife, Eryn, lastly Muzammil, one of our LMAG crew.

Firstly, our trail crosses durian orchards. Now is durian season. We can smell the durian along our trail. Beside the durian, the beautiful ginger plant also can be seen at both side of our trail. When we enter to the jungle, we try our luck to search for falling durians but to no avail on that time or else we would be feasting ourselves when we reach the waterfall.

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There was a old small dam located inside the jungle. Since mid 90’s the dam has not been used after the some broken pipes detected due to falling trees that crash on it. We continue trekking and our trail just beside the river stream. We finally saw the big waterfall (cascade).

Robert was getting excited too fast when he saw the waterfall and be the first person to dip in the pool while the rest of us still cooling down from the trekking activity. All of us enjoy the surrounding nature as well as bathing at the pool. Some of us just get some fun ride sliding through the water cascades (only advisable with correct technique and safety precaution measures taken). Jakie & Marie also enjoy watching us while relax at the side of the waterfall pool.

It is hard to say how joyful we are at that particular moment. No words can describe how we felt. Check out on our series of photos, only pictures can tell 1001 stories. It can only show how happy and enjoy we are. Experience yourselves by participating our hikes in future to enjoy the same experience and joyful moment that we have like this trip of ours.
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Apip demo river ride @ Lepoh waterfall


Ranu said…

can u guide me how to go there,,,i am new in malaysia and working at sungai buloh, selengor.

but i am not familiar with the places in malaysia except the usual kuala lumpur stuffs... i love to be with the nature and green...

please guide,,



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