Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lafuma in Kilimanjaro

Sometime in early July 2008, a lovely couple, Steve and Emma both Lafuma members have pledged to fund raise for UNICEF to help the children in developing countries on their charity and fund climb to Mount Kilimanjaro (5,985m), Tanzania, Africa. They are back recently with a successful mission by not only raising more funds than what they have set earlier but also summitted to the one of the highest mountain in Africa! Total funds raised to date was 1,600 Pound!

Let's congratulate Steve and Emma for their challenging feats and their determination is definitely something we should learn from. Well with a total of six days expedition mission (from 21/7/08 to 26/7/08) to summit the gigantic mountain, the story from both of them is well worthwhile to read. For those who intend to summit this African highest peak, you should not miss this valuable tips from this couple. Read their tales at

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harshita said...

Everyone can not do such effort.It is a adventurous job.