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Bukit Tabur Revisit (18 Oct 2008)

It has been awhile before we are back to Bukit Tabur again. However, this time we will be heading to Bukit Tabur East instead of West as previously. A group of 16 people has signed up for the climb to this infamous Klang Dam Gate Quartz Ridge. We started our journey at the foothill where the Syabas water authority were but on the east side instead of the west side and following the huge water pipe from the dam. We cross a small river before meeting the rest of the hikers at the starting point. A safety briefing and ice-breaking session was conducted by our guide, Apip before ascending the hill.

The terrain was steep and mixed with some mild rock climbing session. On certain section, we have to pull on the ropes provided in order to continue on our journey. Although the hike is short but it is pretty demanding as we not only need to use our leg but our biceps as well. A trek and climb for an hour paid handsomely with a nice scenery and view of the city at the peak. We could also see the peak of Bukit Tabur West from here and scenic view of the Klang Dam as well. That soothes our tiredness while most of us trying to get a few click of the view from the top. We take couple of minutes break before heading back track from where we came from as the weather is expected to be cloudy soon.

Backtracking is also as challenging as climbing up as one might not careful and slip through the ridge. We take care on each step that we made and better be slow rather than sorry. It started drizzling when we descending and luckily the trail was short and we managed to reach our starting point before it starts raining cat and dog. The trip was short and enjoyable ones where we have a balance of good workout with a bonus scenic view.


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