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Fresh & light - Sg Perdik Waterfall trip (30/08/08)

This trip was on Merdeka Eve. We call our trip as Merdeka Hike. It takes me a few days before I pen down in this blog. It is much easier for my leg to move anywhere rather than my little finger doing the job of editing as I consider myself have a very active leg. Thank you to all who participate and contributes to LMAG Sg Perdik Waterfall trips.

Early morning of the Merdeka eve we gather at Lafuma Bangsar Boutique for car pooling towards Hulu Langat. Two cars left from Bangsar while we meet another one car at Pekan Bt 18 Hulu Langat.

Around 9 am our cars entered Hutan Lipur Hulu Perdik area. We are the only visitor here. We are trekking in one group. Trekking along the Hulu Perdik valley and crossing the river stream three times. Continued our trail to hike just a few minutes before we reach the waterfall (cascades).

The waterfall has several places where we can have a nice shower. We spent about half an hour enjoying ourselves here. Some of us have a refreshing shower. The trip was short, light and the most important was enjoyable. Meet us in next outing trip.

A member of our participant, Brother Ng YH has posted some of the pictures in his weblog here for sharing.

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For more photos, please click here .

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Rick said…
I am impressed by the LaFuma gang and how often you get into the wild ... Maybe you have suggestions for my website Nature Escapes KL. And can others join in on your treks?

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