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Pine Tree Hill - Twin Peak (16/08/08)
Since March 2008 once a month we run a mountain hiking activities. Started with G. Nuang followed by G. Hitam, G. Datuk and G. Gap. On August our challenge is to hike two peaks in a day where we have identified Pine Tree Hill – Twin Peak located at Fraser Hill District. ’Hill’ is something we kind of downgrade our challenge since we have been to mountains for the past months. However this is not a normal hill. Why! Read our full blog.
Pine Tree Hill just 4777 feet above the sea level. The Pine Tree Hill trail starts from the top of Fraser Hill which both hill altitude range is quite similar. The challenge is to cross 6KM from the starting point to Pine Tree Peak and another half an hour to Twin Peak which is at the distance of not more than 1KM.
The journey started from our Lafuma Bangsar outlet after most of us having our breakfast. We set to gather at Fraser Hill Gate before drove up together to Fraser Hill. On 11:35AM, we arrived at Fraser Hill and lodged Police Report on our activity as part of the safety measure before heading to the jungle.
10 minutes before 12 o'clock we start our trekking. Initially the track was flat for the first 15 minutes. After that the trail was downward slope, follow by up, flat, down, flat and up and up. We were trekking deep into the jungle. At certain points, we found border stone (Selangor – Pahang) along the trail which means we are at the state border line.
Half an hour before we reach the Pine Tree summit, we break at the shelter nearby which was also the last water point. We take a few minutes of rest while waiting for other friends which is still not with us. The weather looks like going to rain soon. Sharp 1:30 pm we continued our challenge.
The last challenge is to reach Pine Tree Summit which takes us to 90 degree vertical wall hike. The existing old rope was there to help us climb up the steep slope. Last person reached the summit on 2:30pm. We heard news from our sweeper; Bro Wong give up on the hike and just stops till last water point shelter while Bro Oon accompanied him. It’s a good try since both of them have at least hiked for 5KM one way.
On top of the Pine Tree Hill, we take our lunch. The dark cloud is fast approaching us and looks like going to rain anytime. We moved faster. Rushing to take group photos and prepare to move forward. We started another challenge to reach for Twin Peak. Some of us decided not to join and plan to head back as they have another agenda on early evening that day while remaining nine (9) of us proceed to trek to Twin Peak. After 5 minutes trekking finally the expected rain comes.

Another 5 minutes later, 2 of our members decided to call it a day for Twin Peak and head back down. Sharp half an hour from Pine Tree Summit we have reached Twin Peak. It was still raining and luckily our sweeper, Muzammil brought along underwater camera which we managed to have our group photos. All of the hikers showed satisfaction and achievement while smiling along with the photo shoot and I’m proud with them. Again, we rush going down and back to civilization.
On 6:30pm we finished our jungle trail. Trip Success!!!.
~apip embi~


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